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(Canadian) Jury Selection Process


Case Study for a Canadian Case Selection (//R.// v. //Gayle// )

http://www.publications.villanova.edu/Concept/2005/jury_selection.pdf - Scientific Jury Selection: History, Practice, and Controversy; refers to OJ Simpson case

Race and Jury Selection

Actual venire members (N = 764) completed the Big Five Inventory before going through the jury selection process for 1 of 11 criminal or 17 civil trials. Jury selection decisions by attorneys were not associated with juror personality traits but were associated with juror race and sex, especially in criminal cases. In the 17 juries that deliberated to a verdict (n = 285), high levels of juror extraversion were associated with not guilty verdicts or verdicts for the defendant, especially in criminal cases. Extraversion was also associated with being selected as a jury foreperson, and foreperson extraversion was associated with longer jury deliberation times and perceived foreperson influence in criminal cases.

survey of the literature indicates, generally, that racial preju- dice has been diminishing in the United States during the last
twentyor thirtyyears. Thus,whilestereotypesofthe 1930sand 1940s supported white superiority (Sheatsley, 1966), by the 1950sand 1960sthewhitepopulationverbalizedmore positive
attitudes toward blacks (Schlenker, 1976: 319, 326; Meer and
Freedman, 1966: 11-19).

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List of Famous Trials
Past case from Choo's class (2008): US vs John DeLorean
Past case from Choo's class (2007): Conrad Black Trial: Jury Decision Making
Some discussions on 12 Angry Men/jury deliberations in Chicago Kent-Law Review2007, Vol 82, Issue 2 starting pg 551

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